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The Moorings dhow is a typical Arab sailing vessel with a capacity of up to 20 people.

Dhows are still used for commercial journeys between Zanzibar and the East African coast using only sails as a means of propulsion.

The Moorings dhow has been modified with very comfortable seats and an engine to be able to move even without wind. You can book our dhow in various possibilities to enjoy the nature, spectacular sun sets and the silence of the Mtwapa creek.


Our experienced staff will cater for your needs, serve traditional bitings and Arabic coffee with Halwa (Arabic sweets) while you smoke our Shisha (water pipe) with different flavors (no drugs, no nicotin).


Take a trip up Mtwapa creek with us and see what incredible beauty lies just so near to the busy Mombasa Malindi road.


Have an aperitif combined with the sun set as a pre dinner trip on board of the dhow with entertainment and perfect service.